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Flutter boilerplate with RevenueCat, AdMob and Firebase integrations.

FlutterPlate is a boilerplate designed with Clean Architecture in mind, integrating RevenueCat and Admob. It supports three types of data handling: traditional REST API, SQLite Drift, and Firestore.

Our product comes with pre-configured Firebase products, along with templates for Paywall and Settings, equipped with necessary buttons and services for action handling.

The Data layer is organized to separate the three types of data. If REST is not needed, you can remove the related folder, keeping only the data type required for your project, showcasing the flexibility of Clean Architecture. This independence from specific data sources allows our Data layer to serve the Presentation layer efficiently.

The Domain layer is purely Dart code, setting rules for communication between the Presentation and Data layers. It includes our repository and entity models.

The main layer, Presentation, manages all business logic and UI. This includes various service files for routing, payment control, and ad control. Additionally, the pages folder contains our screens and their controllers.

Core houses useful methods, styling, colors, and assets.

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