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A better VS Code Outline extension

OutlinePlus is a way better VS Code Outline extension which slashes your code navigation time by 50%. You can now effortlessly search, browse, and organize variables and functions in your favorite IDE.

It aims to enhance the efficiency of code navigation by providing several key features:

  1. Improved Navigation: OutlinePlus significantly reduces code navigation time by about 50%, making it easier to search, browse, and organize variables and functions within the Integrated Development Environment (IDE)​​.

  2. Searchable Outline View: The tool allows for direct searching in the outline view by variable and function names, streamlining the process of finding specific elements within your code​​.

  3. Pin Symbols: Users can pin symbols in the outline view, helping them keep track of important or frequently used elements in their code. This feature is particularly useful for managing large and complex projects​​.

  4. Tracking Symbols Across Files: OutlinePlus facilitates easier tracking of symbols across different files, which is essential for navigating large project repositories without losing focus​​.

  5. Pricing and Availability: OutlinePlus offers a 3-day trial period, after which it can be purchased for $20 for perpetual use on a single computer​​.

These features make OutlinePlus a valuable tool for developers using VS Code, especially those working on large-scale projects or those who need a more efficient way to manage and navigate their code.

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