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Happy Design

Design subscription service for startups, agencies, and entrepreneurs

Happy Design delivers high-quality designs in a few days, with a monthly flat rate. Easy design subscriptions for everyone. You cause or cancel anytime.

Key Benefits:

  1. Flexible Subscription Plans: Clients can subscribe to a plan and request as many designs as they want. There is the option to pause or cancel the subscription at any time, providing flexibility to clients based on their changing needs​​​​.

  2. Efficient and Client-Centric Design Process: Designs are delivered within a few business days on average. Happy Design prioritizes customer satisfaction by revising designs until the client is 100% satisfied. This approach ensures a focus on quality and client happiness​​​​.

  3. Fixed Monthly Rate with No Hidden Costs: Clients pay a fixed monthly rate, avoiding the unpredictability of billable hours. This model promotes transparency in pricing and efficiency in the design process​​.

  4. Wide Range of Design Services: Happy Design offers a comprehensive array of design services, including mobile and desktop apps, B2C and B2B apps, wireframes, slide decks, logos & branding, brochures, infographics, landing pages, SaaS, design systems, dashboards, email campaigns, SEO pages, user research, user journeys, user flows, UX artifacts, tradeshow graphics, signage, blog graphics, and websites. This extensive list showcases the versatility and breadth of their design capabilities​​.

Pause or cancel anytime. Happy Designs you’ll love… guaranteed.

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