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One subscription, all the tools you need to launch, run and grow your startup.


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$25 $250 / lifetime
You save $225

One subscription, all the tools you need to launch, run and grow your startup. All dead-simple tools under one roof. No more paying for 25+ different products!

25 simple tools that help startup founders launch, run and grow their startups for $25/month or $250 for lifetime access.

Key Features and Offerings of

  1. Variety of Tools: The platform provides a range of tools covering different needs of a startup, such as finance, product development, marketing, communication, planning, productivity, and community engagement.

  2. Dead-Simple Interface: The tools are designed to be straightforward and easy to use, reducing the complexity typically associated with startup operations.

  3. Regular Updates: New tools are added to the platform every two weeks, ensuring that users have access to the latest functionalities and innovations.

  4. Integrated Approach: All the tools are available under one subscription, eliminating the need to pay for multiple separate products.

  5. Early Access Pricing: They offer an attractive pricing model, including an early bird access and a lifetime access option, which are budget-friendly for startups at different stages.

  6. Community Aspect: There is a focus on building a community of founders, facilitating networking, knowledge sharing, and support.

  7. Customizable Plans: Users can choose plans based on their specific needs, with options for additional credits to extend basic functionalities like storage, email limits, and pageviews for analytics.

  8. Refund Policy: offers a 7-day refund policy, providing a risk-free opportunity to try their services.

In summary, is positioned as an all-in-one solution for startup founders, offering a diverse range of tools and resources essential for startup growth, with an emphasis on simplicity, cost-effectiveness, and community support.

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