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Jellypod AI

Transform your emails into a personalized daily podcast

Overwhelmed by your email subscriptions?

Summarize your favorite newsletters into one personal, daily podcast, and never say, “I’ll read this later” again.

Unlike other text to speech apps like Speechify, Jellypod uses your email newsletters to generate a unique, personal podcast just for you. Podcasts are the most convenient way to stay informed, so stop scrolling through your inbox and listen to the news you actually care about.

With Jellypod, we help users stay in the moment, regain productivity, and reduce their screen time in just three easy steps:

It’s that easy.

And with six realistic AI voices, you can customize your listening experience to suit your preferences.

The app includes a beautiful dark mode, in-app email viewing, and a premium Jellypod+ subscription that takes your experience to the next level.

Jellypod+ enables you to create multiple daily pods by grouping together similar newsletters. For example, you could create a “Tech” pod with all your tech-related newsletters and a “Business” pod with all your business-related content.

You can also include more emails in your daily podcasts, download your pods for offline listening, and customize when your pods are generated. Want your pod to be ready for your morning commute? No problem. Want your pod by your lunch break? You got it.

Stay ahead of the curve with Jellypod+. You can purchase Jellypod+ directly in the mobile app.

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