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Create a personalized newsletter of your favorite content

With Digest, you never have to feel like you're missing out on your social feeds or what's going on in the world. Craft a personalized newsletter Digest containing content from sources like Reddit, Hacker News, Product Hunt, YouTube, Google Calendar, RSS, Stripe, and more.

Digest is a platform designed to build personalized newsletters, consolidating content from various sources into a single, easily digestible format. It aims to streamline the way users consume information from different online channels.

Key features and functionalities of Digest include:

  1. Personalization: Users can create their own Digest by selecting from a variety of sources, ensuring the content aligns with their interests.

  2. Multiple Content Sources: Digest supports a range of content sources, including Weather, Google Calendar, Reddit, Hacker News, RSS feeds, YouTube, Product Hunt, and Stripe. This variety allows users to gather a diverse array of information and updates in one place.

  3. Daily Delivery: The Digest is delivered daily to users' inboxes, offering a consistent and timely summary of their favorite content.

  4. Accessibility: Digests can be accessed in various ways - directly in the user's inbox, through the Digest web app, or on mobile devices. This flexibility ensures that users can read their Digests on the go or at their convenience.

  5. Upcoming Features for Newsletters: Users will soon be able to subscribe to their favorite newsletters using a unique Digest email address and read these newsletters within their Digest account.

  6. Free Service: The service is offered for free, making it accessible to a wide audience without any subscription fees.

  7. Simple Interface: The Digest platform is designed for ease of use, with a straightforward process for adding sources and managing content.

  8. Responsive Design: Digest is responsive and can be used effectively on different devices, catering to mobile and desktop users alike.

  9. Plans for More Sources: The platform plans to expand its range of sources, promising more options for users to customize their Digests in the future.

In summary, Digest provides a convenient and customizable solution for users looking to streamline their information intake from various online sources into a single, coherent daily newsletter​​.

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