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Email sandbox to debug emails in dev, staging, and QA environments


$9 $14 / once
You save $5 offers a streamlined solution for testing emails. Whether you're a developer keen on refining your email sending features or a marketer looking to perfect your campaigns, this tool is designed with you in mind.


  1. Quick Integration: Set up your testing environment in as little as 5 minutes. It's designed for seamless integration with your applications.

  2. Organized Testing: Create distinct inboxes for varying environments or review servers. Group them under relevant projects to keep everything structured.

  3. Comprehensive Email Analysis: Dive deep into your emails. View the content, validate headers across different email clients, and more.

  4. Broad Testing Capability: Send test emails directly from your CRM or other email sending services. Simulate multi-recipient sending.

  5. Collaboration: Grant access to team members or clients. Forward select test emails to approved real recipients.

  6. Proactive Support: An expert team of engineers and email deliverability specialists is always on standby to help you out.

  7. Modern Dashboard: Test emails using a contemporary, intuitive dashboard design.

  8. Simple Integration: Just copy the email configuration and integrate it directly into your project's appropriate file.

  9. Fake SMTP Feature: Preview your emails in the inbox. Avoid mistakenly sending test emails to actual users.

  10. Security and Privacy: Adheres to GDPR and CCPA, ensuring that all collected data remains yours and is never shared or sold.

Quick Start:

  1. Choose from over 20 code samples or just copy the SMTP details.

  2. Integrate the configuration into your project.

  3. Trigger your email sending function.

  4. Instantly see your message in the inbox.

With, email testing has never been more straightforward or efficient. Experience a hassle-free email testing journey today.

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