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Notion Finance Tracker

Track and manage your finances from one place


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Notion Ultimate Finance Tracker Kit will help you make smarter financial decisions and stay in complete control of your finances.

Turn your notion databases into your all in one personal finance dashboard. Our digital product, built on the powerful Notion platform, is your all-in-one solution for mastering your finances

  1. Expenses Tracker: Track expenses and see where you spend the most

  2. Income Tracker: Track your income, sort, categorize and visit reports.

  3. Dashboard: View your entire finances from a single dashboard

  4. Goal Setting: Achieve your financial goals sonner than you thought possible

  5. Monthly Reports: Generate a monthly report so you know where your money is going.

  6. Budgeting: Feel in control of your monthly expenses and cut back on unnecessary spendings.

Make it Yours Forever with a One-Time Payment

Dive into a lifetime of access and say goodbye to subscription fees.

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