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Oneless Design

Oneless Design is a subscription based design agency.

Our design subscription cuts delays, costs and headaches by giving you all the design work you need. It’s more flexible to help your business grow further.

Key features and offerings of Oneless Design include:

  1. Unlimited Design Requests: Subscribers can request an unlimited number of designs, with the team working on them one at a time. This feature is ideal for businesses with ongoing design needs.

  2. Dedicated Designers: The service includes access to dedicated designers, ensuring consistency and understanding of the client's brand and design requirements.

  3. Wide Range of Design Services: Oneless Design covers various design needs, including websites, apps, branding, landing and product pages, visual design, user interface, experience design, and more.

  4. Subscription-Based Pricing: The service operates on a monthly or quarterly subscription model, starting from $3,999 per month. This includes unlimited design requests, a dedicated designer, and the use of an all-in-one platform for managing tasks.

  5. Free Trial and Money-Back Guarantee: New users can try the service with one free design request. Additionally, there is a 30-day money-back guarantee for subscribers.

  6. Team Collaboration: The platform allows inviting team members, facilitating collaboration on design projects.

  7. All-in-One Platform: Management of design tasks, communication, and subscription is handled through an integrated platform called Brew, designed to streamline the entire process.

  8. No Meetings Required: Communication and task management are conducted through a chat system within each request, eliminating the need for calls or external meetings.

  9. Revisions and Satisfaction: There's no limit on revisions, ensuring clients are completely satisfied with the design outcomes.

  10. Pausing or Cancelling Subscription: Subscribers can pause their subscription to lock in their current price or cancel at any time, though re-subscribing later might incur higher fees if prices have increased.

  11. Refund Policy: Full refunds are offered within the first 30 days of the subscription.

Oneless Design positions itself as a solution for businesses looking to eliminate the hassles of hiring individual freelancers or dealing with variable costs, offering a streamlined, predictable, and professional design service​​.

Their service is designed to provide flexibility and cost-effectiveness, especially for growing businesses.

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