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Send printed postcards and letters to your loved ones



$3.6 $4.9 / once
You save $1.3

Postaly is a REAL social network that allows people to connect with their loved ones through the traditional medium of paper. With our services, you can send real postcards or letters anywhere in the world, ensuring privacy and security.

In addition to these features, Postaly offers the following products:

  1. Custom postcards: Personalize your postcards by uploading your own photos or pictures. Write your message, and we will take care of printing, stamping, and sending the postcard on your behalf.

  2. Private letters: Write a private letter and add a custom signature. We will handle the printing, folding, and mailing process, sending the letter to the address of your choice.

  3. Virtual Mailbox: Transform your address into a Virtual Mailbox. Share the link of your Mailbox with others, allowing you to receive mail while keeping your home address hidden.

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