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App review monitoring


Basic Plan

$9.9 $14.9 / monthly
You save $5

Premium Plan

$19.9 $26.9 / monthly
You save $7

Lifetime Deal

$199 $399 / lifetime
You save $200

allstarsbot checks for new reviews of your app (or your competitor) in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. Get notified about new reviews in Slack.


allstarsbot is a comprehensive app review monitoring tool designed for Slack users. It actively monitors both the Apple App Store and Google Play Store, providing notifications of new app reviews directly to a designated Slack channel. This tool is particularly useful for brand reputation management, as it allows users to stay informed about user feedback for any iOS and Android app.

Key features of allstarsbot include its ability to check for new reviews across all available apps on both iOS and Android platforms. It ensures that users never miss a new review, whether it's for their own app or for competitive analysis. By integrating directly into Slack, it streamlines the process of review monitoring, making it easier for businesses and developers to respond quickly to user feedback and manage their online reputation.

This tool is valuable for any business or developer that relies on app reviews to gauge user satisfaction, improve app functionality, or enhance user experience. By providing timely notifications about new reviews, allstarsbot helps users to maintain a proactive stance in managing their app's presence and reputation in the digital marketplace​​​​​​.

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