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Analyze your Goodreads and discover trends and patterns

Readstats is a free, private and easy way of visualizing your reading journey through the years! Inspired by Spotify Wrap and born from my twin loves of reading and delightful data visuals.

It's a simple, beautiful tool that I hope is also a joy to use

Readstats is starting out with six key features to give you a snapshot of your reading life:

  1. Reading Journey: A visual timeline of your reading history.

  2. Ratings: A look at how you rate the books you read.

  3. Authors: Which authors do you return to?

  4. Publication Date: Do you prefer classics or contemporary reads?

  5. Book Length: Do you lean towards short stories or thick novels?

  6. Controversial: Where do your ratings differ from the average?

Thanks so much for giving this a read, and I hope you'll give Readstats a go.

Here's to many more books and insights! ✨

Happy reading,


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