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Over 1,500 AI tools. No coding

Develop products and services, streamline your business processes, marketing, sales and finance with AI – all effortlessly. is an AI-based platform offering a range of tools and services designed to simplify and enhance business processes through AI integration.

Key features and offerings include:

  1. AI Tools and No-Code Development: provides over 1,500 AI tools with a focus on no-code development, enabling businesses to develop products and streamline processes in marketing, sales, and finance effortlessly​​.

  2. Targeted Solutions for Different Sectors:

    • B2B: Offers AI tools to optimize business processes from marketing to sales without the need for coding, including customizable solutions and turnkey AI setup services​​.

    • Startups: Facilitates rapid development with a unified API/SDK, visual programming for smart features, and support for ambitious projects​​.

    • Developers: Provides a no-code platform and unified API for quick project delivery, integration of AI in solutions, and opportunities for app monetization​​.

    • Agencies and Integrators: Enables marketing agencies and integrators to offer AI-powered marketing tools and campaigns, with deep automation in CRM and ERP systems​​.

  3. Simplified AI Integration and Automation: addresses the challenges of integrating and using AI, allowing the creation of new products and automation of business processes without delving into technical complexities​​​​.

  4. Ready-to-Use AI Apps: The platform features simple AI applications like text-to-speech, product description generation from images, and PDF analysis, offering practical solutions for various business needs​​​​​​.

  5. Comprehensive AI Capabilities: is described as a no-code development platform with cascading AI capabilities, an extensive catalogue of AI tools for various tasks, and a single API/SDK for integration into third-party services, applications, ERPs, and CRMs​​.

  6. Business Growth and Efficiency: The platform highlights its success with over 152,000 customers using its solutions, emphasizing the ease of accessing a vast network of AI tools through a single interface. It boasts a rapidly growing number of solutions and products, along with significant efficiency in handling stable pipeline requests​​.

In summary, positions itself as a comprehensive, no-code AI platform, making advanced AI tools and capabilities easily accessible to businesses of various sizes and sectors, aiming to transform business operations and product development through AI technology.