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AI Startup Kit

Launch your AI startup with No Code


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$14 $29 / lifetime
You save $15

Save weeks of development time and launch your AI startup in just a few hours with our ready to use templates. No coding skills required.

AI Startup Kit is The Ultimate AI Templates Bundle which allows you to launch your own AI Startup with payments and fully responsive design using our growing library of 12+ AI Web application templates.


All Templates included in this bundle include the following features:

Nocode AI Startup Templates:

List of AI Web Application templates included in this template bundle

  1. AI Image Generator

  2. Background Remover Webapp

  3. Image Upscaler

  4. Old Image Restore

  5. AI Product Photography

  6. AI Room Designer

  7. Drawing to Image Generator

  8. AI Hair Style Generator

  9. AI-QR Code Generator

  10. Logo Background Generator

  11. AI Face Filters

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