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Shotstack Workflows

No-code workflow tool for generative AI media creation



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Build media applications and workflows 87% faster than coding with Generative AI and industry leading creative tools using our visual, no-code media automation platform.

Developing media applications and integrating generative AI often involves coding, handling multiple APIs, and a steep learning curve. This process can be time-consuming and technically challenging, slowing down media production and app development.

Shotstack Workflows is a no-code, visual workflow builder, that significantly speeds up the development of media applications and workflows. It integrates generative AI and creative tools to streamline media production, without the need for coding.

Use Cases

  • Automate media generation: build videos and images in bulk for social media, ads, classified listings and more.

  • Experiment and iterate: quickly experiment and combine different generative AI tools to create videos and images.

  • Process media at scale: Apply transformations and process media files in bulk without coding or setting up infrastructure.

Key Features

  • No-Code: Quickly setup of media workflows and build applications using a visual interface.

  • Triggers: Trigger workflows using CSV files, webhook calls, Zapier and Make.

  • Generative AI Tools: Built-in generative AI tools including GPT text generator, text-to-speech, text-to-image.

  • 3rd Party AI Integrations: Plug in to leading third party tools including OpenAI, Stability AI, Elevenlabs, HeyGen and D-ID.

  • Media Processing: Built in media processing and transformation tools plus 3rd parties like

  • Media Sharing: Send your media files directly to 3rd parties like AWS S3, Google Cloud and Mux.

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