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An all in one, offline first, desktop manga reader.

ShinsuReader is an all-in-one offline first manga reader for Windows and Mac.

ShinsuReader scans a folder of your choosing, and imports any manga, comic, or other readable media it finds into a “Netflix-like” structure to organize and track your reading progress.

  1. Customizable: ShinsuReader is totally customizable, with everything from infinite scroll, page by page, and even hotkeys. Our theory is that everything you can do through UI, you should be able to do through a hotkey.

  2. Immersive: With the infinite scroll feature manga and webtoons become so much more immersive. Gone are the days of losing your focus as the next chapter loads or getting spoiled by the comment section at the bottom of the page. It is your manga, your way.

  3. Privacy Focused: we collect no data about our users.

  4. Growing Community: Join our ever-growing community of manga and comic readers with our discord.

Download ShinsuReader here.

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