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Membership Management for Notion

Create a Notion website in 2 minutes and publish it to your own custom domain. Control access to your Notion site with Password Protection, Email Signup, Email Whitelist, or Paid Membership. Loads of customization options.

Sotion is a membership management platform specifically designed for Notion pages. It enables users to create a Notion website in minutes and publish it on a custom domain, providing various control mechanisms for access:

  1. Custom Notion Websites: Users can quickly create a Notion website and publish it to their own custom domain​​.

  2. Access Control: The platform offers several methods to control access to Notion sites, including password protection, email sign-in, a restricted email list, and paid memberships. It is ideal for collecting email addresses or defining specific access criteria​​.

  3. Integration with Notion Pages: Sotion works with private Notion pages, allowing access only through a custom domain, making it suitable for private or exclusive content​​.

  4. Ease of Use: The process involves connecting the Notion page URL to a custom domain, testing it on a free domain, and customizing options like password protection, email signup, or paid memberships through the Sotion Dashboard​​.

  5. Technology and Flexibility: Powered by Amazon Web Services, Sotion offers reliable hosting with minimal downtime. It allows users to set up their custom domain without coding and offers high flexibility with customization using CSS and JavaScript​​.

Sotion thus provides a user-friendly, efficient, and flexible solution for managing memberships and access to Notion pages, catering to a variety of users looking to monetize or control access to their content.

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