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Declutter your macOS workspace instantly


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$11 $19 / lifetime
You save $8

For many macOS users, desktop clutter has become a burdensome reality. The excessive number of open windows and apps not only creates chaos but also obstructs work efficiency.

Spaces offers a quick escape from the mess. With just a click, it reshapes your workspace to meet your requirements.

How Does It Work?

Unique Features

Spaces is enriched with a plethora of other features. From crafting unlimited spaces of various types to compatibility with apps, websites, and system apps, it’s truly versatile.

The application also offers deep link capabilities, manual controls, and integrations with tools like Raycast.

Not to forget, functionalities like Spotlight search, Siri shortcuts, and the brand-new Layout Switcher make Spaces an indispensable tool for macOS users.

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