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The cleanest Clipboard Manager on macOS


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$10 $20 / lifetime
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CleanClip redefines the clipboard experience on macOS. It not only ensures you never lose copied content but also integrates seamlessly into your workflow with shortcuts like ⌘ + ; for instant access.

The tool stands out for its vast format compatibility, including text, links, images, and files. Its input-focused menu is a game-changer, presenting the clipboard right where you're typing and saving users from distractions.

Prioritizing a minimalist design, CleanClip starts by showing the latest five records, expanding on demand. Its search interface is intuitive, appearing only when needed, and always follows the text cursor to maintain focus. Professionals across fields, from design to tech, have praised its functionality, emphasizing its role in boosting productivity.

In essence, CleanClip isn't just a clipboard manager; it's a must-have productivity tool for macOS users.

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