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Building your next big thing? Go viral before you launch!

Go viral with referral marketing! Getwaitlist helps you make pre-launch waitlists that are easy to customize and embed on your website. You can build a list of pre-launch signups, incentivize them to refer their friends, and send them email campaigns. Waitlist has powered thousands of great launches and millions of signups over the past three years.

Most importantly, Waitlist has the best free tier in the referral marketing industry, supporting unlimited waitlists and unlimited signups, free of charge.

Key Features:

  • Embed Widget: our no-code widget is easy to embed on your website! We support integration with all major website builders like Webflow, Typedream, and Framer, as well as HTML and React.

  • Customization: make the widget fit exactly your brand, with your logo and colors. You can ask custom questions when people sign up!

  • Referral Management: you can let people move up in line when they refer their friends, and see exactly who referred whom.

  • Analytics: you can see detailed information about every signup, and aggregated trends (locations, referrers, traffic sources, UTM campaigns, etc).

  • API: Waitlist exposes a fully-featured API for you to use, if you want to craft your own front-end experiences.

  • Integrations: Waitlist also supports third-party integrations via Zapier, Webhooks, and has a native Slack integration for notifying you of signup events.

  • Custom Emails: users receive emails when they sign up to your waitlist. You can customize email copytext, and send custom email campaigns to your mailing list. We make it easy to segment your users and message them at the right times.

  • Real-Time Support: Waitlist has help available over Intercom at all times.

With our best-in-class features and pricing, it’s no surprise that we’ve been around for three years and have had thousands of businesses across 112 countries use our tools. Try us out or chat with us on if you have any questions about our product!

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