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Low code fast-track to launch your idea next weekend

Accelerate web development with your own Turborepo codebase, featuring a design system, landing page components, multilingual static sites (blog, docs), Stripe integration, and more. Perfect for solo makers and tech teams. Say goodbye to setup fatigue and hello to rapid launches!

Here's why it matters:

🚀 Rapid Time to Launch

You can go from idea to production-ready in minutes, not days or weeks.

📦 Comprehensive Boilerplate

It's a Turborepo codebase and comes with modules that address major use cases. It features a Next.js app (v14 App Router), a design system with landing page components, blog and documentation sites, a database, authentication, internationalization, emailing, forms with validations, file uploads, and more. I update it daily based on feedback and whenever I see fit from my other projects. You own the code, with no vendor lock-in.

💰 Zero Infrastructure Costs

All built-in modules start with free tiers, and you only pay as you validate and grow.

🙌 Free Version Available

CodebaseUp Core is a public repository containing a subset of Pro modules. It can still get you far. Just clone it, install dependencies, and run localhost.

🤓 1-on-1 Consultation Included

I'm here to help! Schedule a personalized session to dive into your project and codebase.

🎯 For Devs at All Skill Levels

Solo makers will value guides and clean code that doesn't need comments. Tech teams will benefit from Turborepo modularity and performance.

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