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Give products feedback and get rewarded

Are you a digital product creator seeking valuable insights to drive your idea forward? Or a keen-eyed digital enthusiast ready to offer insights for your next favorite tool? Welcome to YesRamen - the bridge between makers and valuable feedback givers.


How It Works:

  1. Makers upload their digital product, detailing their feedback needs.

  2. YesRamen connects them with potential users and expert feedback givers.

  3. Users delve into the product and offer comprehensive and beneficial feedback.

  4. Makers reward the best feedback, and products get better with each insight.

Why YesRamen:

Fun Fact:

The name "YesRamen" pays homage to the 'ramen profitability' phase for startups, highlighting the significance of early feedback in ensuring the success and sustainability of a venture.

Whether you're looking to validate your next big idea or scout the next big thing in the digital sphere, YesRamen is the place to be.

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