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Get your app reviews directly in your Slack account

Once click solution to manage your mobile App Reviews from Mobile App Stores, designed to save product teams hundred of hours each month.

How it helps?

πŸ”— Reviews on Slack/Teams/Discord: Get an alert when someone leaves a review for your mobile app. Keep everything in the same workspace.

🎯 Automated Summaries: No need to sift through hundreds of reviews. AskARB will provide you with concise summaries, so you know what aspects of your app are getting the most mentions.

πŸ“Š Review Analytics: AskARB categorizes your reviews into common themesβ€”be it bugs, UX, or features. You'll see the frequency of each type to know what you should prioritize.

πŸ”” Real-time Alerts: Get notified instantly on Slack and various other communication platform when a review mentions critical issues or high-impact features. Never miss out on an opportunity to engage with your users.

πŸ€– Auto-Responses: Reply to common queries automatically. AskARB's AI will generate tailored responses for each review type, making your review management process even smoother. Connect your Developer account and you can reply directly from the ARB Dashboard.

πŸ’¬ Talk to your Reviews: Ask anything about the user reviews and get an overview of how your app is performing within the actual users. Try it here.

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