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Google Sheets Formula Generator

Easily generate Google Sheets formulas

Enter your need, your data range, and hit the button. It'll generate a Google Sheets formula for you. It's free to try, and free for all Better Sheets Members.

Google Sheets Formula Generator is designed to simplify the creation of formulas in Google Sheets for various use cases. Users can input their specific needs and describe the data range they're working with, and the tool generates an appropriate formula. The generator is flexible, allowing users to provide as much or as little detail as they wish. If no specific range is mentioned, it defaults to cell A1.

For example, users can request formulas for tasks like summing values based on specific criteria (using SUMIF()), calculating the average of cells in a column (using AVERAGE()), finding the highest number in a column (using MAX()), or adding up values in a column while filtering out text (using SUM()). These examples demonstrate the tool's capability to handle various common tasks in Google Sheets efficiently​​​​.

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