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Stop abandoning projects, start shipping more.


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Buildstreak helps you stay consistent and motivated with your projects.

Here’s how:

💡 You get an amazing idea for a new app, SAAS tool, or personal project. You are filled with excitement and motivation.

🧑‍💻 You start building, but distractions come up. The initial excitement is starting to run out. You’re tempted to abandon the project and move on.

🔥 Buildstreak motivates you. Start completing tasks daily and build momentum. Seeing your streak grow will motivate you to keep going.

🥳 Launch your project. After steady progress, your project is ready to launch. Congratulations, you stuck with it!

Buildstreak helps visualize your progress, with the help of a progress grid and statistics, such as daily tasks and streak trackers. You can easily share these statistics with others, to keep yourself accountable.

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