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Fast and Native ChatGPT macOS app



$19 $29 / lifetime
You save $10

Access ChatGPT on top of any app or website, without leaving your current context.

FridayGPT is a native macOS app designed to provide instant and seamless access to ChatGPT, including additional features for an enhanced user experience.

Here's an overview of its functionalities and offerings:

  1. Instant Access to ChatGPT: The app allows macOS users to access ChatGPT instantly, eliminating login delays and the need to navigate to the ChatGPT website. This feature streamlines the process of using ChatGPT, making it more convenient and efficient.

  2. Voice to Text Feature: FridayGPT offers a hands-free functionality with its voice to text feature, allowing users to record their thoughts without typing. This feature enhances accessibility and user convenience, especially for those who prefer speaking over typing.

  3. One-Time Payment with Lifetime Updates: The app is available for a one-time payment, which includes lifetime updates. This pricing model makes it a cost-effective solution for users looking for long-term use.

  4. Additional Features: FridayGPT includes features like 1-Click AI Actions, which simplify the interaction with the AI, and priority email support, ensuring users have assistance when needed.

  5. Security and Privacy: The app ensures the safety and security of users' data. Personal information is protected, and messages are sent directly to OpenAI, maintaining end-to-end encryption. This feature is crucial for users concerned about privacy and data security.

  6. Exclusive to macOS: Currently, FridayGPT is only available for macOS operating systems, making it a specialized tool for Mac users.

  7. OpenAI API Key: To use FridayGPT, users need an OpenAI API key, but a separate ChatGPT subscription is not required.

  8. User Feedback: The app has received positive feedback for its ease of use and the value it provides, especially in terms of streamlining workflows and improving productivity.

FridayGPT positions itself as a valuable tool for Mac users seeking a more efficient and integrated way to access ChatGPT's capabilities, catering to those who prioritize quick access, ease of use, and enhanced features.

*Have bring your own OpenAI API key to use the app

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