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Dividend Tracker

Helps you reach financial independance with Dividends



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Financial safety is something most of us think about. Some even try to reach FIRE by investing in stocks, often stocks that pay dividends. As investing is a lifelong path, it often comes with multiple brokers and investing instruments. The majority of investors solve it by tracking their investments in Excel or spreadsheets. However, there comes a time when manually maintaining a spreadsheet with loads of market data and dividends are not worth the time.

This is where DIGRIN (dividend growth investing) comes in. Digrin is a free dividend tracker for new investors and an affordable plan is available for more experienced ones. The main goal for digrin is to track dividends, either by aggregated monthly dividends, quarterly, or dividend calendar (automatic stock split adjustments, dividend prediction from historical growth and frequency).

There are various diversification visualizations to help you keep your portfolio safe. For past performance, you can compare your portfolio to any stock or ETF fund.

Monthly market performance is visualized by heatmap and statistics.

Check out this dividend investor portfolio, to see what it looks like.

You also get 20% lifetime commission for referring fellow investors.

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