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func News()

Bite size tech news

Cut through the noise and get essential tech updates / news. Bitesize summaries, no ads, no clickbait. Stay upto date with the latest news in minutes, not hours.

func News() is engineered for those who value their time and prefer quality over quantity in their news consumption.


  • Bitesize Summaries: Get the crux of the latest tech news through our concise and informative summaries.

  • No Ads, Pure Content: Enjoy uninterrupted reading with an ad-free interface that puts content first.

  • Clickbait-Free Zone: Say goodbye to sensationalism. We provide straightforward news without the fluff.

  • Time-Efficient Updates: With our app, stay informed on the latest tech developments in minutes.

  • Extensive Tech Coverage: From Silicon Valley startups to global tech trends, we've got it all covered.

  • Customisable Feed: Exclusive for pass holders, tailor your news feed to match your interests by filtering out unwanted categories.


  • Articles at Your Disposal: Dive into a vast library of 12,959 articles sourced from across the internet for a diverse perspective.

  • Curated for Quality: We've published 2,412 summaries, ensuring that only 18.61% of the highest quality content makes it to you.

  • Time Saved: func News() users have collectively saved 69,993 minutes by consuming content designed to respect their time.

Join the func News() community and be a part of the informed few who efficiently navigate the tech world. Download now and redefine your news experience – because staying informed shouldn't take all day.

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