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Stable Diffusion in the cloud with Automatic1111 user interface and powerful hardware

InstantDiffusion is a cloud-based platform for generating high-quality images using Stable Diffusion, accessible directly through a web browser. Our service stands out due to its focus on security, speed, and flexibility:

  1. Security and Privacy: We ensure that user data is 100% private, residing on a personal virtual machine. This data is permanently deleted when the virtual machine is stopped, ensuring data security and privacy.

  2. High-Speed Image Generation: Users are provided with dedicated GPUs for their tasks. Our most advanced virtual machine utilizes NVIDIA A100, enabling the generation of over 7,000 images per hour. This ensures a blazingly fast experience for all users, regardless of the complexity of their image generation needs.

  3. Powered by Automatic1111: InstantDiffusion leverages Automatic1111, known as the most powerful and flexible user interface for Stable Diffusion. This integration includes over 50 popular image models, pre-installed for immediate use. This feature provides users with a wide range of options and flexibility in image creation, catering to diverse creative requirements.

InstantDiffusion is a cloud-based platform that provides a secure, fast, and versatile environment for generating images using Stable Diffusion, suitable for both casual and professional users​​.

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