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PDF Search

Search documents in seconds with Artificial Intelligence

Index and search content across PDFs, Microsoft Word and PowerPoint files, Pages, Keynote, Open Office documents, and plain text files. Utilize AI to swiftly locate whatever you need from thousands of documents in just seconds.

Be it at your desk, in a meeting, riding an elevator, sitting in a cafe, on a call, or traveling, this tool ensures you have immediate access to information, whether using a desktop computer or a mobile device.

The tool employs the most sophisticated algorithm for document searching, combining the speed of a computer with the intelligence akin to that of a human.

PDF Search comes with an integrated OCR feature, enabling it to recognize and index text within images in documents. This feature allows you to search for text in various image types, including screenshots, photographs, handwritten notes, and more.

PDF Search indexes documents considering their unique language attributes. Utilizing Apple's Natural Language framework, it identifies words, plurals, and lemmas. This means that when you search, it considers the semantic meanings of the words, ensuring a more context-aware search experience.

After searching through thousands of documents, you've identified relevant pages in many of them. Need to share these findings with your colleagues? There's no need to distribute entire documents spanning hundreds of pages just to share a few pertinent ones. With PDF Search, you can export the most relevant pages from your search results into a new PDF document. This way, you can easily share a concise summary report in a single document with your colleagues.

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