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Monetize your Telegram content

Sublaunch let’s you create a stylish, subscription-based sales page offering exclusive access to diverse digital assets in just 5 minutes,. Be it Telegram channels/groups, Discord servers, or native online Courses, Sublaunch handles it all seamlessly.

What really distinguishes Sublaunch is its automatic management of memberships and payments. Connect your Discord or Telegram communities, and watch Sublaunch effortlessly automate member additions, payments handling, and member removals as needed. This empowers creators to focus more on content creation and less on administrative tasks.

Ideal for anyone looking to monetize any digital content, Sublaunch is your key to building and managing a lucrative, paid online community with ease. Unlock the potential of your digital content with Sublaunch – the ultimate solution for streamlined content monetization.

Key features and functionalities of Sublaunch include:

  1. Monetization of Telegram Content: Sublaunch allows creators to make money from their content on Telegram by setting up a subscription service.

  2. Easy Setup: The platform emphasizes ease of use, with a simple setup process that doesn’t require a credit card and is free to start.

  3. Member Management: Sublaunch automates the process of managing and removing members, making it hassle-free for creators.

  4. Instant Payment Processing: Creators can connect their bank accounts quickly to receive payouts for their content.

  5. Affiliate System: The platform includes an affiliation feature, allowing creators to convert subscribers into affiliates to help grow their business.

  6. Customization: Users can customize their sales pages to match their brand, choose a username, set prices, and start earning by sharing their links.

  7. Real-Time Analytics: Sublaunch provides real-time tracking of acquisition strategies and growth through its dashboard.

  8. Large Audience Reach: The platform capitalizes on Telegram’s user base, offering access to a wide audience.

  9. Content Protection: Sublaunch ensures that the content shared on Telegram is protected against theft and copying.

  10. Retention Tools: The platform includes features to boost retention and interactivity on Telegram.

Sublaunch is designed for coaches, influencers, content creators, and anyone looking to monetize their Telegram channel. Sublaunch aims to simplify the process of starting and managing a paid subscription service, allowing creators to focus on content creation and growth.

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