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Automatically detect and submit non-indexed pages to Google


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RankWeek automatically compares your sitemap with data from the search console and submits pages with issues or non-indexed pages to Google. It takes a minute to setup and works on autopilot.

Here are its key features:

  1. Automatic Error Detection and Indexing: RankWeek consistently scans your website pages, identifies errors, and automatically resubmits these pages for indexing on Google. This process is fully automated, ensuring that all your pages are properly indexed and ranked.

  2. Error Page Monitoring: The tool monitors various types of indexing issues, such as server errors, redirect errors, soft 404s, and pages unknown to Google. It keeps track of your pages' status and takes action to resolve any identified issues.

  3. Ease of Setup and Use: Setting up RankWeek is straightforward and quick, requiring just a few minutes. It operates on autopilot, continuously monitoring and submitting pages for reindexing without manual intervention.

  4. Google Sitemap and Search Console Integration: RankWeek monitors your sitemap daily and compares it with your Search Console data. When it detects a new page or an indexing issue, it promptly submits a reindexing request to Google.

  5. User Feedback: The tool has received positive feedback for its speed of execution, ease of adding sites, and significant time savings in SEO management.

  6. Free Trial and Plan Options: RankWeek offers a free plan to identify pages with issues. Additionally, there's a 7-day free trial that includes auto-indexing capabilities, allowing users to fully experience its benefits before committing.

  7. Global User Base: SEO agency owners, website owners, and SEO specialists are among the users who have found RankWeek beneficial for resolving indexing issues and improving their site's SEO performance.

In summary, RankWeek is a valuable tool for anyone looking to improve their website's visibility on Google by ensuring all pages are correctly indexed, thereby boosting overall SEO effectiveness.

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