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Create online courses using Notion.


30% Off

$6.3 $9 / monthly
You save $2.7

30% Off

$20 $29 / monthly
You save $9 allows you to build your own course platform using Notion, completely for free. Leverage your favorite notes app to create engaging online courses, track student progress, and issue certificates.

Current Features:

Setup Process:

  1. Template Duplication: Start by copying our structured Notion template designed to facilitate the course creation process.

  2. Integration with Courses: Connect your Notion content to Courses for automatic synchronization and updates.

  3. Course Customization: Add lessons, quizzes, and interactive elements to tailor your course offering. is built to integrate into your current workflow and link with a multitude of existing applications, streamlining course management and access.

Courses is continuously adapting to user needs and industry standards, aiming to provide a seamless bridge between Notion and an efficient online learning environment.