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Beam is the best way to use ChatGPT on Mac.

Ever been distracted by context-switching?

It’s a productivity killer. ChatGPT is fantastic, but running it in the browser requires switching the apps and tabs. This can be slow & distracting. Beam can fix this! Open a floating chat window anywhere on your Mac without leaving your current context, use the power of ChatGPT, and enjoy the native, launcher-like macOS experience.

Explore the Features…

All ChatGPT Models

Work with all OpenAI GPT models. Switch models with a single click (⌘1)

Model Configuration & Profiles

Create AI profiles and configure:

This allows you to save a lot of time by pre-configuring the profiles for any use case you need Translator, Developer, Proofreader, etc.

Markdown Support

Beam can render all markdown tags and tables.

Templates (Prompt Library)

Templates are prompts with variables. You can save your prompts and mark the places that should be filled in. The next time you need to use the prompt, you only need to fill in the blanks (⌘3) or type ‘/’ into the chat.

Interact with other apps and documents.


Macros are quick prompts you can run with your text selection. For example, select the text you need to summarize, press a hotkey, type “sum,” and it will ask the GPT model to summarize the selected text for you.


Extensions are like “mini-prompts” with pre-defined values that you can use (and combine) to guide the model in specific directions.

Beam ships with a few sample extensions: tone, language, and format. For example, you can type # into chat, select Format, select Table, and the model will be instructed to reply using the table format. The prompt is based on the “template” you define when creating an extension.

Automatic History


Chat Windows

Command Palette (⌘K)

Global keyboard shortcuts (configurable)

Local Keyboard shortcuts & actions

Alternative tools