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Native Copilot AI for macOS, freely interacting to screen content with AI

MacCopilot is a native Copilot AI app for macOS, designed to interact with AI in a natural way. MacCopilot integrate AI models like GPT-4o with screen capturing, providing a convenient way talking to screen content with AI directly.

Key features

  • AI-Powered Interaction: Engage with AI models directly about your screen content.

  • Flexible Screenshot Captures: Select, resize, and quickly capture any part of your screen.

  • Multi-Platform Support: Connect to various AI models like OpenAI, Google Gemini AI, and Claude AI.

  • Builtin OpenAI GPT-4o, Claude AI 3.5 Sonnet

Use cases

  • Summarize articles

  • Explain social media conversations

  • Draft email response

  • Perform better OCR on screen content

  • Assist filling kinds of forms

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