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Get your pages auto-indexed on Google super fast with SupaCrawl.



$50 $199 / lifetime
You save $149

SupaCrawl accelerates the indexing of websites on Google Search results, transforming a process that typically takes weeks into just a few hours.

It achieves this remarkable speed through the utilization of Google's officially endorsed indexing API, ensuring rapid and efficient page indexing.

The app does one thing and it does it well: Indexes pages on Google search in less than 24 hours.


  • 50$ only: One-off payment (LifeTime Deal)

  • Unlimited Sites: One site isn't sufficient for a lifetime, right? 🙌

  • Bulk Auto Indexing: Bulk filter page URLs and submit them for indexing. New pages are auto-indexed every day.

  • Submit up to 200 pages per day for indexing: Need more quota? Ask me in support of increasing the quota

  • Monitor the health of URLs: Receive email alerts for pages when Google identifies issues such as changes in the status of the URL such as de-indexed, duplicate/canonical URL, and 404 pages.

A feature on the roadmap is to index pages on Bing and Yandex search engines also which positions SupaCrawl as one app to index pages on all search engines.

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