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Get your pages indexed by Google in hours.

Struggling to climb up Google's search ranks? With TagParrot, watch your pages get indexed by Google in less than 48 hours, ensuring you're visible and attracting the organic traffic you deserve.

Core Benefits:

  1. Quick Indexing = More Traffic: It's simple: if your pages aren’t indexed, Google doesn’t see them. That means you're missing out on potential impressions and clicks from organic search. With TagParrot, indexing isn’t just fast - it’s a pivotal step in your SEO journey.

  2. Bulk Indexing with a Click: Forget about tedious manual requests in the Google Search Console. With TagParrot, request indexing for multiple pages at once and invest your precious time in what really matters - marketing your content.

  3. Set It and Forget It with Auto-Pilot Mode: Initiate your indexing journey, turn on auto-pilot, and get daily email summaries. Know the specifics of which pages were indexed without lifting a finger.

  4. Stay Alert with Meta Tag Monitoring: See all your Open Graph card previews in one place. Identify and rectify issues linked to missing meta tags or images. Plus, as new pages are added to your sitemaps, you'll receive instant alerts for any potential problems.

Features at a Glance:

Success Stories:

Our users aren't just satisfied; they're thriving. Dive into their personal experiences with TagParrot and discover the SEO successes they've achieved.

Step up your SEO game with TagParrot and ensure your content gets the visibility it truly deserves.

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